Online slots and their rigging.

  • Jul 24, 2021

If you are playing slots on licenced casinos like , then you don't have to worry at all as your games are fair. There is no risk of your slots being manipulated.

What are licenced online casinos?

Licenced casinos are those gambling websites that are regulated by government authorities. Every business aspect of these websites is monitored and regulated by regulators like the U.K. Gambling Authority, etc.

Where to see licencing information?

You can view your online casino's licence by scrolling down the home page. There you will find the licence number, its date of issue, the casino's registered address, and so on.

Is it easy to get licences?

Receiving a gambling licence is very difficult. Casinos have to follow many rules in order to get the right approvals. Violation of rules can lead to the suspension of the casino's licence.

Random Number Generators

It is the Random Number Generators that run any licenced casino's slots. These are actually virtual computers , and it is these machines that dish out completely random results, combinations and permutations.

But who manages these virtual computers? Well, these devices are monitored and checked by trusted third party organizations such as eCogra. This organization is trusted by hundreds and thousands of gamblers.

The importance of third party monitoring

It is important to have a neutral body checking the workings of Random Number Generators. After all, players are staking their precious dollars and pounds, isn't it? Trust your slot.

No human interference

Relax, there is no way anyone can tinker with your slot's Random Number Generators. This virtual computer is completely detached from all forms of human interference. Have faith in your slots.

Know slot RTP and volatility

If you are losing money on your slot regularly, it means it has high volatility. Highly volatile slots can make you poorer very quickly. But this isn't a universal rule.

What is RTP?

RTP values indicate the profitability of a given slot. A game having 98% RTP means it is likely to return 98% of your investment over a period. The key word is 'likely'.

The importance of likelihood

Online gambling is a matter of chance. Therefore, if a slot has 98% RTP, it means it CAN award you 98% of your investment, other things being constant ( strategy, patience, bet levels, etc.).

RTP and transparency

You must trust your online slots because now you know their RTP values. Based on this information, you can make informed decisions, and not keep playing slots having low RTPs.

Other things to be considered

Make sure you know the rules of your game. Begin by laying small bets; this way you will reduce your future risks. Never drink while gambling, and avoid public Wi-Fi while betting.

Are online slots predetermined?